5 Shows to Watch on Netflix if Gilmore Girls Ain’t Your Jam (#StreamTeam)

Yeah, so I was never the target demographic for the Gilmore Girls. It never really interested me. Something about a single mom and her daughter living in a small, very homogeneous American town and they spoke really fast, drank coffee and read a lot of books? I think? I don’t know, never saw a single episode. Not then, and not now that it has come to Netflix after an almost 10 year hiatus. Is hiatus even the right word? It was cancelled. I was not sad. Now it’s back. I’m not excited. Truth be told, Gilmore Girls was a show I couldn’t connect with, mostly because it was full of characters that looked nothing like me, living lives that even though had a divorced single mom in it, I couldn’t relate to the experiences they were living.

So, I raise a glass of wine (I don’t drink coffee) to all the ladies on my Facebook feed who are peeing themselves with excitement because they’re so happy Gilmore girls is back. (Seriously, I was too busy watching shows like Charmed and The West Wing, these shows get me, I mean witches? Yes! and The West Wing was just pure gold.)

So for the rest of us, I present to you, a list of 5 shows you can watch if the Gilmore Girls is not your jam. Seriously, wine > coffee. Join me, won’t you?

5 Shows to Watch on Netflix if Gilmore Girls Ain’t Your Jam



Because, obviously, Friends was the best show ever. Even though exactly 0% of the clothes or technology holds up over time, the themes, relationships and downright awesomeness of the show is way more interesting to me than GG. Pivot!!

Jem and the Holograms

Jem and the Holograms

Because anyone with a love or hate relationship with Gilmore Girls will (should) have a love relationship with Jem. Nothing holds up, but damn if this isn’t the best show for reliving your girlhood.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Because when talking about TV it’s only a matter of time before I recommend one of it’s incarnations. Seriously though, you should watch this show. It’s the best and a must-watch for all sci-fi fans.

Fuller House

Fuller House Season 2

Season 2 has started and it’s 100% nostalgic cheese. But like the delicious gooey kind. I haven’t watched season 2 yet, but if you were a fan of the original, you’ll be a fan of this incarnation as well.



Best. Animated Show. Ever. Seriously, I love this show. I recommend binge watching it from beginning to end, the jokes are hilarious, the characters… you’ve never seen anything like them. I love this show so hard. Watch it!!



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