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I recently saw the trailer for the new Amy Adams movie The Arrival and when I found out it was a book, I had to read it. Just had to. So I am. It’s actually a short story called Story of Your Life in the book Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang. I’m only reading the one short story, but I’m about half way through and it’s really captivating.





star-trek-landing-page-netflix-canadaStar Trek: Enterprise. I fell down the rabbit hole this past summer when Netflix Canada put up a whole chunk of the Star Trek catalogue. I’ve now watched 7 seasons each of Voyager and Deep Space Nine, and now I’m half way through season 4 of Enterprise. My husband can’t understand why I’ve been watching Star Trek for months now instead of Mr. Robot. He just doesn’t understand. Trekkie for lyfe!!

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nerdist-posdcastThe Nerdist Podcast. I’ve been catching up on a bunch of saved podcasts that have been sitting on my iPod for months. The Nerdist one is one of my favourites. I love Chris Hardwick (Host of The Talking Dead), he’s one of the nerdiest nerds out there. But more than that, he’s a really great, smart, and funny interviewer. He gets some really great guests on his show and the conversations they have about life, the entertainment industry, and everything else under the sun is completely captivating. Check out the Nerdist Podcast if podcasts and nerd things are your jam. You won’t be disappointed.

*This post has affiliate links. I get a tiny commission if you click on an Amazon link and buy something. Feel free to shop freely. Except for the Netflix link, obviously, because they’re not selling anything. Duh. But feel free to get sucked into All The Star Trek like I did. Nerds Unite!






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