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Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner

The kids have been taking swimming lessons over the past few months and the fact that I’ve been able to get them there, more or less on time, every week is making me feel like a superstar mom. The preshus (6) is a little fish. Loves the water, wants to learn how to jump into the deep end and all that jazz. I’m happy for him. Looking forward to the day when he no longer sinks to the bottom like a stone.

The peanut, on the other hand, is less a lover of swimming classes than is optimal. What I mean by that is that his ASD makes it harder for us to manage swim classes for him. At age 4 he’s old enough to take all kinds of classes, but his inability to follow instructions from strangers means that anything someone tries to teach him usually doesn’t go that well. He still struggles receiving instruction with the staff at his school, and he started school 6 months ago!

Thankfully, our city parks and rec dept has cheap guardian swim classes that allow me to go into the water with him. I bought the classes thinking that if being in a big pool with lots of other kids, people in general, splashing, cold water, noise and general chaos freaks him out too much, then at least if he doesn’t go we wouldn’t be out too much cash. Turns out, as long as the water is warm, he’s about 50% amenable to learning what the instructor tries to get him to learn. And with me in the pool with him, not only am I getting a workout every week, but he has learned to trust that I won’t let him drown when he’s in a large body of water.

It’s unlikely I’ll sign the peanut up for more classes though. I think he’ll get more out of learning to swim when he’s less interested in playing with the water toys, and more interested in playing the games that teach him the fundamentals of swimming. The good news is that he’s not the kid who screams through the whole class.The bad news is, he IS the kid who screams “NO!” at the instructor every time he’s given a new task. Oh well, at least we tried.

In the meantime I got a great workout every week, I’ll miss that. And playing with the peanut in the water, that was fun.

What isn’t fun is what the pool water is doing to my hair. The chlorine is very drying and at this time of the year with the air so cold and dry, it’s not ideal to be splashing my hair with pool water, even if it’s only once a week. I’ve been using Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner* to try to scrub out the bad while leaving the moisture in and it seems to be working. I love that not only is it a good cleansing co-wash, but it’s super thick and creamy which makes finger detangling easy. This is my new go-to stuff for the wintertime methinks.

That said, I’m looking forward to swimming classes for the peanut to end. I can’t do this chlorine much longer. The preshus, however, is getting another round of swim classes that, thankfully, only requires me to watch from the observation deck. Much better for my hair.


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