31 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3


So, because I’m clearly not busy enough during my lazy fall days… I’m also participating in a blogging/writing challenge during the month of October with some bloggy friends on the Facebooks.

Our mission:

“Write Dammit. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY”

Simple enough, yes?

Now the question is, do I have something to say every single day? Of course I do. I’m also betting that I have so much to say, I’ll even have enough verbal diarrhea to spread around in November during NaBloPoMo that I do every year as well!

I’m aiming for the stars people.

Besides, I love the feeling of my fingers as they run over the keys while the thoughts pour out of my head. And I love the fact that I’ve been able to carve out a few minutes each day for the past week to even log into WordPress and hit Publish!

Yay me!

One caveat though, for my October writing challenge I have to publish non-sponsored posts once a day, every day for the whole month. So of course this would be the month that I’ve got a bucketful of sponsored posts that I get to blog about too. That’s OK though, my brain is pretty full these days, and there’s a lot of me to go around 🙂

I’m a busy girl!

Ok, I’m done writing for today. I’ve got a to-do list to get back to before I lose all motivation to be productive today.

Peace out!


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