I’m having a very hard time composing my annual BlissDom Canada wrap-up posts. I didn’t even do a pre-BlissDom post like I usually do. Truth is, I wasn’t really looking forward to going this year. Finances are tight and with the preshus starting JK, we’ve been super busy. I just hadn’t been able to get myself geared up for Blissdom. I barely spent a day ordering my business cards, (I know, right?! Usually it takes a week to decide on the vendor, design, hum, haw, redesign, hum and haw some more, then place the order a week later) I left it to the last-minute. I wasn’t looking forward to BlissDom being held in Mississauga instead of downtown Toronto (where would I go for my late night solo dinner runs?). I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with the stress of prepping the hubs to be alone with the kids for almost 3 full days, and honestly, I just wasn’t feeling it this year.

But the ticket was bought. Selling it wasn’t an option.

Last year I felt like my focus was on perfecting my writing craft. Also, the fun of going to a conference downtown was a huge draw. They had some fantastic events that I participated in and really, it was more about the parties, the sponsors and the swag (Sleep Country Canada pillow, still the best. pillow. evar!!) than it was about blogging and the craft of social media.

I wasn’t sure the outlay of $$$ was going to be worth it this year. I felt like it was going to be a lot of “been here, done that”, you know? I had two conferences under my belt, this year was going to be my third. Dare I say, I was almost thinking of going to a difference conference next year for a new invigorating experience? I think I had that in the back of my mind. Kind of depressing. And then BlissDom US shut down, and I was worried that this might be the last BlissDom Canada anyways, so what the hell. Might as well go.

That whole last paragraph, now that I’ve re-read it, is extremely depressing.

I’m glad the BlissDom Canada 2013 crew blew my expectations out of the water this year.

I’m not even going to put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence. I’m deadly serious.

Mind. World. Blown.

BlissDom Canada took my expectations, crumpled them up, tossed them on the floor, stomped on them with a patent leather mary jane w/spikey 4-inch heel, picked them up, drop-kicked them out of the hotel, and watched them soar into the heavens.

Man that was a dramatic description.

Truth is, there are no words to explain now elementally life affirming attending this conference was for me this year.

BlissDom Canada 2013 was so freakin awesome, it’s gonna take me something like half a dozen posts just to put into words, the amazingness that happened over the course of three days.

I realize that I’ve already written a post about what BlissDom means to me, but I really felt that I needed to write about where my head space was at going into it this year, so that maybe, just maybe, the… I don’t’ even have a word for it… the absolute blissfulness of the experience I had, can be conveyed on paper (er… computer screen, whatever).

So, there it is, one long and rambly post about how I wasn’t really looking forward to going to Blissdom this year, and how I was absolutely wrong.

Tomorrow… my day 1 recap.

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