Prepping for Blissdom Canada 2012

Blissdom Canada is a mere 4 sleeps away and I’m exactally 0% ready.

Actually, that’s a lie. I’m kind of ready, you know, everything has been planned out in my head because I’m a virgo and I can be organized that way.

  • Haven’t started packing, but I know where my suitcase is… It’s a start, right?
  • Blissdom ticket and hotel courtesy of the Blissdom Chicks (always fill out your conference surveys folks!)
  • Costume idea, Check. Haven’t had any time to get to a store to buy supplies, though. Probably going to go back to idea #1 and shelve idea #2 for next year (of course I’m going next year!)
  • Shoes… well. All my shoes are old. But at least I have a great pair of flats to wear around (please don’t rain!) And my runners for outdoorsy stuff if it rains, and possible heels for the costume party.
  • Clothes… again, nothing new, but will need to pull out all my nice shirts that are too fancy for work. And jeans. Probably should do some laundry this week.
  • Business cards: Using my old ones from last year…assuming I can find them because of course they’re in a box somewhere (yes, still unpacking… it’s a running joke at this point).
  • Packing list… it’s all in my head baby! But I know I’ll be bringing my laptop and leaving it in the room for evening blogging, and my camera for any photos that won’t be instagrammed or tweeted right away. And a notebook and pens, since I won’t be bringing a laptop or my tablet to the sessions on Saturday.
  • Budget: I’ve saved money for this weekend (shocker, I know) but I saw someone with a budget all mapped out and thought it might be a good idea to do the same.
  • Groceries for the family, done. The hubs is all stocked up with things he can feed the kids.
  • I’ll need ttc tokens since I’ll be taking transit to work and then to downtown from there. Then home again on Sunday.
  • Have I missed anything?

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