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NaBloPoMo – Day 3 ~ I want to be Andy Sachs

NaBloPoMo October 2012Do you enjoy acting?





I don’t enjoy acting. In fact, I suck at it. I went to arts camp as a kid, and took drama in high school because I love the performing arts, but it was in highschool that I learned how badly I suck at acting. I did it, forced myself to, but it just felt so fake to me, like I was wearing someone else’s skin. Poorly.

I wish I was good at it though. I wish I was an actress.

That said, it was in drama class that I learned how much fun the production part of being in the performing arts is. I loved doing all the behind the scenes stuff. In another life I would be a production manager in the arts somewhere. I almost walked that path, but it didn’t work out. I had an interview that I know I nailed at Livent, about 2 weeks before it blew up over there. My life ended up on a different path, so I guess it wasn’t ment to be.

I think one day I might get involved with community theatre, if the opportunity came up, I would definitely take it.

A job I would love would be as a personal assistant to an actor or some kind of executive in the industry. That would be fun and awesome. I also want Andy Sachs’ job. Not that I’m doing anything to get myself there, so I guess it’s just one of those “what if” dreams.

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