NaBloPoMo – Day 1

NaBloPoMo October 2012When you saw the word mask, was your first interpretation protection, covering up, persona, or performance?




My first interpretation of the word “mask” was covering up, as in, Halloween masks. I’ve got Halloween on the brain since it’s less than a month away, and I love the season.

Remember those ghetto Halloween masks that were made of cheap plastic with sharp edges, eye holes that didn’t line up so you couldn’t see and nose holes that you couldn’t breathe out of and a mouth hole that you also couldn’t breathe out of and just slicked up with sweaty breath sweat after the first five minutes outside, and the flimsy rubber band that went around your head to hold it in place with the cheap staples that always let go if you messed with the mask too much so you ended up just holding it up to your face for each “trick or treat!”?

This is how it went down in the ghetto.

Vintage Raggedy Ann Halloween Mask by TAMMYMADEIT on Etsy

Seriously, I was Raggedy Ann one Halloween. Terrifying.


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