That one where I have writer’s block so instead I blog about blogs.

Today is one of those days when my brain says, “Hey! I’m feeling all creative today, lets blog!” and then goes on to say, “I have no idea what we should blog about, I’m all “writer’s blockey” over here, so good luck with that!”

Thanks brain.

So in my quest to blog today, but having nothing I can think of to blog about, I’m going to write about blogging.

Specifically, cleaning up my blogs.

Because of course, I have like a hundred of them I’ve started over the years, niche type blogs, that have all fallen by the wayside. Because apparently my main blog, which is all about me, always ends up being my main focus. Shocker. Only wanting to blog about myself.

So I logged into the ones I can remember having, and instead of just up and deleting them (because bloggers never delete, we just save drafts of everything), I made them all private. I shut ‘em down for a few reasons:

a)      I’m tired of spammers linking to, or commenting on old posts on old blogs. (silly spammers. If you’re going to spam me, at least spam the blog I actually use that actually has readers).

b)      Like a domain hoarder, I don’t want to give up on blog addresses that I used a billion brain cells coming up with awesome names for. You know, just in case I might want to use them again.

Hmm… I guess that was only two reasons.


Long story short, I shut down all  my other random anonymous blogs semi-permanently today , and I feel pretty good about that.

Because you needed to know.


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