Out of my cell phone comfort zone

So I made the switch to the dark side a week ago.

Much to the horror of some of my iPhone friends on twitter, I took the plunge and got a new Samsung Galaxy SIII! *insert golf clap here* An early birthday gift from the hubs, it was actually quite cheap, $115 taxes in (sad that I think of that as cheap for a new cell phone), because I was due for an upgrade on my phone anyways. Had to sign a new 3 year contract, but big wup there, I’ve been a Bell customer since way back in ancient times (1995) when I got my first cell phone.

This phone is a big departure from my iPhone. I loved my iPhone, no doubt about that. But this year has been all about stepping out of my comfort zone, and an android phone seemed like a good move.

Plus, it made the hubs who is a huge tech nerd like me ridiculously happy, not that I chose a phone just to make the hubs happy, but writing that just now gave me a chance to call him a tech nerd and that made me happy 🙂 *

I’m also waaaay out of my comfort zone with this phone because I chose the white one, my first white phone ever! I’ve always had either black or blue, and while I was reluctant at first, it’s growing on me. Especially now that I have a purple case on it.

I like purple 🙂

It’s a much larger phone compared to my old one, so it’s taking some getting used to what with my former blackberry thumb now having to s t r e t c h aaaaallll the way over there —-> to hit all the keys, but I guess I’ll eventually get used to it. Without dropping the phone, I hope.

App-wise, there are only 2 so far that I’m missing. Tweetbot, my favourite twitter client, and Hipstamatic, because, obviously.

But there are other apps out there that are just as good, I’ll just have to find some suitable replacements.

And games, I still haven’t gotten around to adding any games or apps for the kids, I’ll have to get on that soon.

*Yes, I’m a nerd that way.

Also, Yay PicMonkey! 



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