Today is the first day in another new year for me. It’s my birthday and I’m 38 today.

Normally I would have spent the past few days (or weeks) pondering the significance of my upcoming birthday, examining where I am in my life up to this point, but this year I’ve been hella busy and just haven’t had the time to think too much on it.

What I will say is that while my body certainly feels all of its 38 years, my brain doesn’t. And if I could manage to get a little sleep, and had a couple of days off without anyone bugging me without my loving family around, I’d certainly spend it playing SIMS3 or Ratchet & Clank or Resistance 3 or some other significant time-waster like that while od’ing on walmart sour gummie bears and take-out chinese. I sure do miss the lazy days of my youth…*

But, since that’s not gonna happen, let’s review:

  • I’m in an amazing and loving marriage;
  • I have 2 fantastic kids;
  • I’m happy;
  • No regrets.

That’s pretty good for the start of a fresh new year!

*like 4 years ago


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