New PreshusMe Blog Design! Yay! *kermit flail*

I’m happy to announce that my new blog design has officially launched! Yay!

And I did it myself! More yay!

It’s been a while since I’ve given myself a new design challenge like this and I have to say that it was fun! Stressful and neverending, at times, but fun.

I found a great picture and created a new blog header from it. This is a picture of the peanut and I, taken while we were on our family cruise vacation early last spring. We’re giving each other kisses during which he enjoys nomming my face. I absolutely love this special thing the two of us do together, still do in fact. I love this picture. I really need to dig the original out of a box and hang it up, you know, when I get back to that whole pesky unpacking thing…

The photo was the inspiration for my new blog colour scheme. Black, and hot pink because what goes better with black than hot pink?

Then I searched and searched for a layout that would work. I wanted to keep a 3 column layout, but liked the idea of the two sidebars being on the right, instead of one on each side. I liked the look of the Coraline theme, but ended up using the WeaverII theme because of the customizations available.

And there you have it! I love the fact that I can go in and tinker with the design any time I want, but for the most part, it’s done!

I also have a new blog button:


And a new media kit that I’m keeping under wraps for now. Next stop, business cards!

I’m on fire!!


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