I’ve been working on my “Elevator Pitch” all week and honestly, it really did take me the whole week. And what I ended up with was clarity. A blog manifesto of sorts. A fantastic outline for what I want to do with this blog going forward.

Did I end up with a neat little elevator pitch like I was supposed to?

No, not really.

But I did end up with an awesome new About Me page which I think is the bees knees. (did I just write that?) (yes, apparently, I did).

Anyhoo… check it out.

PreshusMe’s Shiny New About Me Page!!!!!

Go ahead. Share it with your friends.

You know you want to.


  1. I’m doing 31DBBB too! But I got stalled either on day 3 or 4, whenever he gets into getting your email lists together. sigh. I signed up for Aweber and then got lost in instructions trying to figure that all out. Anyway, when I started a wrote a new bio too…I put it on my aboutme.com page; http://about.me/GraceBiskie

    I just read your bio — man it’s hard for all of us non-niche bloggers to come up with something uber specific like those blogs that are just crafting, or fashion or how to. I totally feel you on that.

    All i could come up with is: an inspirational and authentic Mommy blog. (in a nutshell, but really I’m like you, I have so MUCH more to say) lol. =)

    anyway, I’m with ya in the DBBB journey! I guess I should get back to it!

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