On the way out the door in the morning. Happy but tired!

I love that the peanut and the preshus love daycare!

Well, maybe love is a strong word at this point, but they definitely don’t hate it which is a big WIN in my book.

The preshus took to it right away. New toys and new friends to play with? He is all over that. Makes me feel kind of bad that he’s been stuck hanging out with me and the peanut for the past year, but such is life. He’s happy to get there in the morning and is sad when he has to leave at the end of the day. She’s patient and kind with him and is working hard to teach him things and correct his behaviour where he needs correction. One week in and daycare is awesome for him. I’m so happy for the preshus.

The peanut is still taking his time warming up to the idea of being at daycare all day, but he’s slowly adjusting. I can’t blame him, he has spent literally every day of his life with me
with only a couple of hours here and there of people looking after him for me. A whole day away from mommy? The horror. I am happy to report, however, that he now only cries a bit at drop-off in the morning, but then the daycare lady shoos me out the door and he’s good for the day. He plays with the other kids and toys, eats like a champ and naps like a rock star. I can’t ask for anything better.

I’m so thankful that daycare is working out so well for them, and us.


    1. It is! I don’t even have to think about worrying about them during the day. I know they’re in good hands, and learning so much! The daycare provider is amazing. She’s potty training the preshus! He’s peeing standing up if you can believe it! We got lucky with this lady. Now if only I had all the money I need to pay her…. 🙂

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