A new mom in my army

The best part about being, not just an autism mom, but a special needs mom in general, is that the best sources …

Santa Clarita Diet

Binge watch ALL THE THINGS! (#StreamTeam)

I’ve had some time on my hands this month so I’ve spent a lot (like, A LOT) of time on the couch watching a ton of Netflix. Here are a few shows I discovered that you should go ahead and put on your to-watch list. Trust me.

Roast Turkey

It’s the Season to be Hosting

While turkey is our main holiday dish, in the past we’ve also had roasted ham with pineapple and applesauce glaze. One of these days I’d also really like to try cooking a pot roast. I think I need to set it as a goal in 2017 to try to make one for myself so I’ll have the perfect party hosting trifecta of meals to make.

#NaBloPoMo Day 10 ~ That’s all

Nov. 10: Did you celebrate or commemorate your divorce or a significant breakup? Would you ever? I’ve never been divorced, so that …

#NaBloPoMo Day 8

Prompt: If you could redo one moment in your life, what would it be and why? How would it change who you …