Nights like this

There are days when I dream about nights like this. Home alone with no one asking me for anything, looking for something, …

Pass It On Consignment Store - Toronto

Make something old new again ~ Pass It On!

I’ve written before about how I’m a huge believer in selling and donating our old stuff. If there’s one thing I try to avoid it’s throwing out something that’s perfectly good. Probably why I *might* have a little problem I like to call “saving for just in case.”


A Post in Pen and Ink

Seriously though, writing with a dip pen is my new favourite thing. You can’t backspace or delete, spelling mistakes are forever, and …


Cleaning House

Last week my mom sent her cleaning lady to our house to give our apartment a good once-over because, let’s face it, …


Anatomy of an F

As I continue to attempt to improve my cursive handwriting, I’m determined to get some good practice time in each week. Today …

The City of Mirrors

Currently ~ 2016.07.07 Edition

Currently Reading: Book three in Justin Cronin’s The Passage Trilogy, The City of Mirrors. I’m only about 30% through but I’m really …


New beginnings

Well, not really a new beginning, more like a restart. A reboot if you will. I’ve been struggling with blogging this year, …


4 Things…

4 things you should do when you read an article online that tells you how you should live your life


Mom of Boys Cleans Bathroom – Survives! (My Last #PGmom Giveaway!)

You know I love being a mom of boys, let me just put that out there right at the front. I LOVE being a mom of boys. I’m thankful every day that they’re boys because I’d be terrified of having to raise a girl who would probably grow up to be my twin in every way, no one wants that!

Thank You #PGmom

Celebrate Strong Mothers (#PGMom Giveaway)

In celebration of my friends at P&G who support all of us moms and families, I’ll be reviewing and giving away a bunch of stuff over the next two weeks, I hope at least some of the information will be useful to you and your families.