A Post in Pen and Ink

Seriously though, writing with a dip pen is my new favourite thing. You can’t backspace or delete, spelling mistakes are forever, and …


Cleaning House

Last week my mom sent her cleaning lady to our house to give our apartment a good once-over because, let’s face it, …


Anatomy of an F

As I continue to attempt to improve my cursive handwriting, I’m determined to get some good practice time in each week. Today …

The City of Mirrors

Currently ~ 2016.07.07 Edition

Currently Reading: Book three in Justin Cronin’s The Passage Trilogy, The City of Mirrors. I’m only about 30% through but I’m really …


New beginnings

Well, not really a new beginning, more like a restart. A reboot if you will. I’ve been struggling with blogging this year, …


4 Things…

4 things you should do when you read an article online that tells you how you should live your life


Mom of Boys Cleans Bathroom – Survives! (My Last #PGmom Giveaway!)

You know I love being a mom of boys, let me just put that out there right at the front. I LOVE being a mom of boys. I’m thankful every day that they’re boys because I’d be terrified of having to raise a girl who would probably grow up to be my twin in every way, no one wants that!

Thank You #PGmom

Celebrate Strong Mothers (#PGMom Giveaway)

In celebration of my friends at P&G who support all of us moms and families, I’ll be reviewing and giving away a bunch of stuff over the next two weeks, I hope at least some of the information will be useful to you and your families.

Tide Ultra Stain Release PGMom

Tide Ultra Stain Release to the Rescue (#PGMom)

And I don’t know why, but recently the kids have started using their shirts to wipe their mouths after they eat. I have no idea why since it’s not like we’re short on napkins over here, but whatever. Tide Ultra Stain Release to the rescue.

Downy Fresh Protect PGMom

Spring is here! (#PGmom)

The six, almost seven-year-old sometimes smells like a 16-year-old after a hard day hauling all that aforementioned playground sand, so I’m thankful that the Odor Defense part of the collection does it’s job really well. Not sure how I’m going to survive when he’s ACTUALLY 16, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.